Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Greetings y'all,

I got back from school at 1.50 pm.Very tired i tell you these past few days.I didn't take a nap today.this is what happen.I am so weak and not in the mood.ha ha,no lah.I'm alright.Dad watching supernatural right now so am I.My class is 4 Maju.I DON'T WANT to take science stream that's why I applied for 4 M because I just can't do it lah.I'm more of a math person.In my class,the elective subjects is Economy,Add Math and Account.So far I can keep up with all of the subject plus the teachers in my class are all great so I'm not complaining.I want my mom to teach me add math but too many homework and I'm usually tired.Mom managed to teach me function before school started.My brother just got back in Perak yesterday.I'm little sad because he's like my 'gang'.Mom said he'll maybe coming back Thursday afternoon so I'm ecstatic.I bet he 's coming back because of the Xbox.Ha ha,dad fixed the xbox 360 apparently something wrong with the adaptor so now its working fine.The games that my brother bought is
GREAT!.I want to play guitar hero. :D

A great advise from my brother.

Bro:Ala,baca je bukit kepong from buku rujukan yg ada sinopsis bab by bab.x yah baca buku tu.

I followed my brother advise since he knows the best.Ahh,jeolous.He got like 3.9 on his GPA.I'm like whatttt? jeles nya.Spm pown dpt 12A so ikut je advise dia.Est pown dpt A so i think i should follow his advice.

Alah,I have to read cerpen menatap wajahnya since my teacher wants to ask question about it tomorrow.TIREDDDDDDDD TIREDDDD :(



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