Friday, January 2, 2009


Everything is going to change this year.The subject,friends,learning and less blogging.hehe,yeah.I'm not going to blog frequently now because I'm focusing more on my studies.I would probably use the Internet on weekends.Many of my teachers said that we have to focus on form 4 because everything new and hard.My brother said its better if you focused on form 4 and form 5 it will be easier.He said 'Nanti masuk form 4 kena work hard because nnt form 5 senang sikit.SIKIT je.' thanks brother for that motivational advise.he he,I'm kinda nervous and scared to see who's going to be the class teacher,subjects teacher and not to mention my new classmate.I having those nauseous feeling again.I'm going to sembahyang hajat praying that I can work hard and handle all the stress.Oh,i hope that I can. :x



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