Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just finished watching Mulan.I gotta say I love it.Mulan has always been my favourite Disney movie.It has everything good song,good story and humor.I remember when I was little I used to watch Mulan a lot.Ha ha, it brings back memories when I used to watch it with my brothers.Mulan 2 is not that bad either but of course the first one is much better.Who thinks Li Shang is hot? I do I do! Even though he's not real but he's good looking guy.A body to die for.Although he doesn't have a six pack.who cares! Rob is hot and he doesn't need a six pack.I was watching Mulan while my brother was using the computer.I said to him Shang is pretty hot.My brother just laugh.Hey,Mulan is a lucky girl.




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