Thursday, January 15, 2009


My brother just got here around 6:30 pm.I was so happy to see him.Yay,but he'll be back in Perak this Sunday. :(

Its so windy now.I love it.You see I sit near the window so I was feeling it.feeling it.ha ha,I finished all my homework FINALLY except science but you just have to copy the note.I was doing my math homework.Byk jugak cikgu kasi but its okay I suka kira2 ni.Tomorrow,I have to stay back doing the chart organisation thingy.After school tomorrow,Illya,Zana n tira pegi makan dekat Anjung with me.Its been a long time tak makan dekat situ.Usually last year,I pegi dgn Hanis and Budak2 tuition dgn ustazah so yeah I missed it.Well,there always time.I respect my first brother because he's still rapat dgn kawan dia since sekolah rendah.He's 22 now plus one of his best friends sama university dgn dia dkt MMU but different course and I wanna be like that. :)

My second brother pun mcm tu yg dkt perak.Everytime die cuti or one of his kawan from sekolah menengah cuti jugak diorg ada lepak sesama.Hopefully,I pun boleh. :)

OH oh,I just watched American idol yesterday.Ha ha,I crack up so much watching the BAD audition they're so funny.Oh,god if i were them I would be embrassed.Public humiliation.The one guy that I like is the blind guy who can play the piano and sings very well.He was such inspiration to me.He got into college by the age 14 -19.Come on,that's just awesome.He's very talented. and bright.What more do you need?.I like him :)



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