Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chick Flick

Gah,I just finished my homework.not really.I haven't finished my English essay where we have to describe the person that we like.Guess who I pick? Robert Pattinson. :)

At first,I was not comfortable with my class because of the students in there.Many of them were you know not my type.Not type type.More like I don't really know them.This past few days I kinda enjoyed it.a little bit.My class has many class clown somewhere in there.he he.Sometimes they make random jokes and i would be like what the?.You know what i mean.The teachers in my class were not bad.Ha ha,I'm really starting to like ekonomi asas.I got elect as the 'Ketua Keceriaan' AGAIN.Haih,I was Ketua keceriaan since I'm Standard 5.Well,at least its not that bad.You just have to do the organisation chart and decorate the class.I actually enjoyed doing this kinda stuff.Not all the time.When I'm tired,Nahh.Everytime I got back from school,I'm so tired.Very tired.I think if don't take a nap.I would faint or something.The things is a nap is suppose to be like less than 30 minutes unfortunately I got carried away. :D

Tuition was fun.I got class tuition on Wednesday and Friday.4pm-7pm.3 hours straight.again tired.That's what is like being a form 4 student.I just finished watching Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging.I kinda like it.Last week ,I watched Wild Child.Not bad either.Okay,I'm tired.I'm gonna sleep now.



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