Friday, December 18, 2009


Sorry for the lack of post.I didn't have any mood to write.I know right? lame excuse.I'm gonna go on vacation with my entire family.ENTIRE.Yes,grandfather,grandmother,cousins.I'm not going overseas.Just to Melaka only.After I finish my SPM,insyallah dad said we can go to England or anywhere I want to.Ahh,I miss the vintage shop.

Oh,more about what I've been doing today.I just got back from Times Square.I managed to watch Avatar,I gotta say its pretty fucking bad ass movie.Ha ha.It is my first time watching a midnight show which is exciting.My brothers do it all the time.-_- Duh,boys.The special effects was spectacular.I'm definitely going to see it on 3D.The budget for the avatar movie cost about 250 million.Whoa,that's a lot of money.It will be a box office that's for sure.I mean,come on.Its a James Cameron's movie.Terminator and Titanic.Successfull movies.Its already 1.00 am right now,I'm a bit sleepy.I might do little bit of reading and watch whose line is it anyway.That show really gets me through the day.I can't wait for the vacation with my family.Its been a long time. :)



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