Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Encouter

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae(Aren't they adorable together?)

I've always thought about 'Is Korean drama that great?'.I could not get it.Some of my friends are hooked.Not to mention,some of them eat drink sleep with Korean drama.The very first Korean drama I've watch was probably Full House.Rain plays the lead actor in this drama.I borrowed from Jaz.I was not expecting anything.When I finish watching the first episode,right then I understand what they were talking about.Korean drama is very addicting.I fell in love with it immediately.I don't watch every Korean drama.I try to get recommendations from my friends.I'm not that fanatic but I'm still a fan.Ha ha,Doesn't make any sense?.When I watch full house in my room,I did not leave my room at all except for personal reasons.He he,

The things about Korean drama is they have like 16-24 episode.One episode is about 1 hour.What I really like about it is that you get to know the character well.You feel the emotion depending on how good the actor is.It feels like your on a journey with them and rooting for the hero and heroin to be together.Even though the story gets too long but your still want to know what's going to happen.I don't know if anyone agrees but that's my opinion on why I love to watch Korean drama.

The second Korean drama I've watch was My girl.Oh man,I love this Korean drama.One of my favourites.I love the humour and the plot.This drama got me laughing,crying(i know haha),smiling to myself and screaming.The chemistry between Lee dong wook and Lee dae hae is amazing.I love them both together.I kinda wish they're together in real life.Ha ha,

Next was Boys over flowers.I love this drama too.This one has a lot of episode.It didn't matter,I was still addicted.The ending for this drama,I was a little disappointed.Overall,its very entertaining. :D



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