Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm gonna miss you

I need to remember this,

How time flies so fast.4 more days to go then SCHOOL!.Don't get me wrong,I love school.well sometimes.It just I'm not ready just yet.2 months of school vacation is just never enough.2009 has been a great year but also a pain in the ass.2009 has been the year the most celebrity deaths ever.Michael Jackson,Patrick Swayze,Farrah Fawcett,Brittany Murphy and the most recent Jimmy Sullivan(Drummer from Avenged Sevenfold).I'm gonna miss 2009.I really do.I hope 2010 is gonna be a great year.SPM here I come.The most important examination.I can't shit this up.There's so many great movies for 2010.TV shows especially glee and true blood.I really hope I can control my temptation.



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