Monday, December 21, 2009


Oh,what a weekend.Remember when I told you I watch Avatar last Thursday night.The next day,I was suppose to go Melacca with all my family and meet up with them at this homestay.I slept really late that night.I was really sleepy on the way to melacca.Turns out they were some missunderstanding with the homestay.haha,the homestay has no air-con whatsoever.Really small tv,really small bathroom and really really small living room/kitchen.The 'Girls' gets the bigger room and more comfortable bed.As for the boys,they slept at the living room.I told my mum,if we had more time we could rent a bungalow with a swimming pool.Next time,PD.Mum said.

Haha,to tell you truth eventhough the house was very boring,I did had a great time catching up with my whole family.There was about 22 people in the house.The vacation did not go according to plan due to the rain.The fun thing we did on when we were there was river cruise,riding a cow (haha) and shopping at tesco.I still had a great time this weekend no matter what.I get to see atun(cousin).Rarely sees her so its great.One more thing,she's disabled.I can't wait for our next vacation.Probably the next year,when I finish my SPM. *Yikes* SPM.Its so hard to maintain all the subjects but I'm really trying my best.I hope its all worth it at the end.Insyaallah.



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