Friday, December 25, 2009

The Blind Side

Merry Christmas to anybody out there who celebrates it.Happy New Year!.

Yesterday,I went to Cold Storage .I bought Strawberries and Chocolates.I was making desserts.Ice cream tops up with strawberry,whipped cream,Hershey's syrup and berry yogurt.It was delicious.I wanted to eat more but I have to control myself.Ha ha,I eat way to much on the holiday season.The reason I'm making desserts was:

  • I was going to watch a movie.You gotta need something to soothes your mind.
  • Who can say no to desserts?
  • I love the way when fruits and ice cream combine.Healthy and extremely delicious. :D
This the real Michael Oher and his family.His coach even his tutor.

From the movie

I was actually watching The Blind Side.The blind side is actually inspired by a true story.Based on Michael Oher life.Sandra bullock was in this movie.I've always love Sandra Bullock's movies.I thought I'd give this a try.This movie generate positive reviews from the critics.I was even anxious to see how good it was.It truly is.Its not everyone cup of tea but its definitely mine.I love this type of movie.Inspirational one.It makes you wonder you know?.How can someone live that type of life compare to yours.It makes you feel thankful about your life.Everybody seems to forget this including me.Its great to watch this movie as a reminder.Not everybody gets a happy life.This movie is definitely on my list for great 2009 films.



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