Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry i haven't update my blog this past few days.ugh,i was so not in the mood because of someone.ah,thankfully i got over it.I found out that you know what i dont care what people think.IF you care so much then you might as well just kill yourself not that i mean you should.Ha ha,anyway my point is that i give up pleasing people so that they FEEL satisfied.Im so sick and tired of it.if you have a problem with me then i will say two words for you SHUT UP.Is not that im being rude or not a good friend its just i can't take it anymore.I've tried to be nice ,tried to be good but apparently its not enough so what can i do? nothing because im no superhero or whatever that can pleased people yeah i hope this someone understand that im not being rude.its just sometimes you cross the know like the lyric of decode paramore 'its boiling in my blood'.that is exactly how i feel!



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