Wednesday, October 22, 2008


James,The cute one.Aww,James comel. ;) eh eh,shades sama la.hahah

Charlie.The HOT one.God,mata dia topaz kot. ;D

Ahh,the old days.I miss busted. :(

Love the shoe,james. ;)

Omg,lain gila muka diorg muda2.

Come back,busted!

Matt,the naughty one.haha

Gahh,I miss busted.You know the band busted? yeah,i miss them.I used to listen to them when i was in the fith or sixth grade.I even hafal all the lyrics and nyanyi and dance to the music.lame i know.hahaha,The busted band consist of three members.Charlie simpson,James Bourne And Matt willis.They split in 2005 because Charlie Simpson's time spent outside the band with other bands was beginning to cause tensions within the band, illustrated when he failed to turn up for several appearances over the course of 2004. Rumours then started to circulate that bitter rows not too dissimilar to that of when All Saints broke up escalated, but these have all subsequently denied by the band in their later solo ventures.

Simpson announced to the other Busted members on 24 December 2004 over a phone call that he was no longer a member of the band. Although this was never talked about Matt and James feared this would happen after an announcement on their last sell-out night in Wembley Arena for "A Ticket For Everybody... Else Tour" from their managers that Charlie may be leaving to pursue Fightstar full time. On the 13 January 2005, Busted's record label announced a press conference was to be held in London the following day. The next day, the 14th, it was then announced to everyone present that Busted were splitting up after Charlie’s departure weeks before. After two and a half years of success Busted would be no more.

I sad.These are some songs from busted. ;D btw,i love all of them.ahh,i wish they come back.

1.What I got to school for <3

2.Year 3000 <3

3.Sleeping with the light on <3

4.Crashed the wedding <3

5.Who's David <3

6.Air Hostess <3

7.Thunderbirds are go <3



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