Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay,here it goes.ahaha,bile nk citer psl twilight panjang gila kne ada part1 part 2.haha,so i try to keep it as simple as possible.okay,i was bitten by adlin atikah.i think the venom from her kuat giler msuk dlm body i.haha,sbb i dh jd giler twilight thanks to her,first i bought the book and nk baca after Pmr.adlin ckp fifah kne baca best gile.i was like okay okay.bukak first chapter of the was okay pastu i cant stop it.addicted sgt.haha,i finished it in one or two day something like that.After reading twilight i fell in love with edward cullen.i dont know there just something about him that is so appealing to me.aha,he is such a romantic and gentlemen guy.old fashioned and i think its hot.hahaha,so i imagine about edward.dh jadi mcm org gila.then,i found out twilight book akan jadi movie.i was like whattttttttttttttttttttttttt?! haha,terus bukak youtube search for the trailer.tgk trailer dh meremang bulu roma.tiba i nampak sapa yg jadi edward cullen.Robert pattinson.i remembered him from harry potter goblet of fire.i thought he was very very familiar.when i watch harry potter,first thing that come out of mind when i saw him.damn he's cute.hahah.after watching the movie i harap sgt dapat tgk rob berlakon any movie.when i found out rob jd edward i was so excited for the movie and him.finally,he's big break.haha,i am so happy for him.abis baca twilight i pegi mph and beli new moon(second book of twilight) haha,tiba2 tgk ada buku yg ketiga eclipse.i ckp ayah please nk beli dua.ayah i pown ckp okay.i was so happy kot that day.haha,i baca new moon in just one day.habis new moon i tgk kt mirror mata i merah.ahaha,tu la gila sgt addicted.the next day i baca eclipse and abis in one or two days mcm tu.tiba the final book of twilight breaking dawn release.I beg kt my dad nk beli.haha,so pegi mph tgk the book dh sold out.sedih la my dad order the book.after a week,still x dpt rupa rupanya my dad surprise me.haha,blk sekolah i tgh tgk harry potter again.haha,my dad hantar mesej ckp die dh beli dh breaking dawn.i was like yayyyyyy!dpt free gift .a pin and some sticker(x guna lg,sayang) hahahaha.i baca breaking dawn lama skit cause tebal nk mampos.tu je la i boleh citer penat laaahhhhh.haha,until next time i explain lg.haha



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