Monday, October 20, 2008

Fansite Twilight


I was mentioned in a twilight fan site.OMG! i cant explain how i felt when i found out.okay,breathe.ahhaha,wait,okay i remember 29 september 2008.I hantar email dkt the staff website jenny about twilight mentioned in a magazine called i scan gambar tu and bgtau die website release for the movie.Later,i tgk die bls.dia ckp dia akan post the news but die x dpt tgk gambar i pown host image tu and kasi url kt die.die ckp die akan post tonight.tonight kt US la.haha,so waktu tu i was like omggggggggggggggggggggggg. and kasi url yg bagi tahu about the release date twiight movie kt mcm bangga gak la org pertama malaysia di mentioned dlm website tu(website tu contains news from all over the world about twilight).esk2 i bgn pagi.i ingat because that time nk blk kampung gi kedah untuk raya. GO KEDAH! hahaha,so i bukak internet BAM! bukak website tu ada nama i.I mcm omgomg.i panggil abg i,my dad,my mom.kire semua la i suruh tgk.haha,pastu dieorg mcm wow.haha,okay i'll post the exact quote from the website.

Malaysian Movie News & Scan
The Twilight movie will be released in Malaysia on November 27th 2008. Read the news at cinema online here.

The movie was also featured in a Malaysian magazine called Galaxie. Two fan letters were written to the magazine, which are shown and answered in the article.

View the image in our gallery here.

Thanks to Nur Afifah for the news and scan!

Posted by Jenny on Sep 29 2008

OMG right? hahaha,no no OME right?(oh my edward!) haha

From Malaysian magazine Galaxie. September 2008.
Thanks to Nur Afifah for the scan!




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