Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Books has always been my friend.

Fiction books here I come

My finals are over.I'm super tired nowadays.I can get a little rest now but not for long.I still have to study for SPM.Oh,great.SPM.FUCKING SCARY.I don't know how I did for finals.I just hope for the best.Add Math was so hard.Everything was hard.Oh well.I tried my best.The good thing is I can read fiction books now.Catching fire is the top of my list.The sequel to the hunger games.The hunger games was so addictive that I finished the whole a book in one day.If I can just read all the text books like I read the fiction books.Ha ha,

Today was fun.a bit tired as usual due to my sore throat.I'm still okay.I just remembered something.Iqbal,my classmate.You should hear him sing.Its so good. ha ha,he sang a bunch of song from the 80's music to the malay jiwang music. -_- Sometimes when he sing one song,it will constantly repeat on my head.For example,he likes to sing this one song.I don't know what title it is.I asked him who sings that song.He said Alleycats.Ha ha,I still remember the lyrics until now.Thanks Iqbal! 'Heningan Ombak Membelah pantai-iii' ha ha.Iqbal usually sing sengau at the pantai part.I should record him singing so I can share with the world.Haha,I'll try to ask him to sing again.Good luck with that.I've been asking him to sing that song.He's just shy now.Apa la iqbal ni.

Sigur ros.This picture always makes me smile. :)

Sigur ros.I don't know what I'll do without this band.I've been doing the 30 day challenge with the EA active Wii.I lost a couple of pound. :D When I exercise,I always listen to Sigur ros.Their song are so uplifting and inspiring in my opinion.Even though,i don't even understand what they are saying.I read the translation from time to time.I listen to their song when I'm feeling down or stress.Thank you sigur ros for making me feel better. :)


Eric said...

I love the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I finished Catching Fire the night after it came out. Anyways I can't wait for book three which is rumored to be titled the victors. Which I think sounds like a good title to me.

Afifah said...

Oh,cool.I can't wait for the thrid book!


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