Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Easy come easy go

Today was fun.Iqbal finally puck up the courage to sing AND I have it on video.The video is in Raja's hand phone.The other thing,we have a photo shoot today at my class.I brought my SLR.We snapped a lot of pictures.Iqbal bought us some food on the house.Thanks!.I ate my hot dog and I gotta say its pretty delicious.I can't wait for this Saturday.I'm gonna watch 2012 with my friends at Pavilion and I'm super duper excited.Naa and Leya and probably Danny will join us.If you see us,say hi.Ha ha,tak boleh bla.

Here are the pictures ;
Gambar paling best.Envious I'm not in itI'm the photographer.Haih, Ha ha

Cikgu datanggg?

Iqbal's Handphone.Gilaaa style
Taktau nak ckp apa/




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