Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today was fun.I woke up around 7.30am.Ate breakfast and took a shower.We watched 2012 and I gotta say its pretty fucking intense.I think its because we were watching it together and we were both excited.We queued to buy the ticket and the guy who handle the ticket is pretty cool.Thank you stranger.Ha ha,the movie is so long man.2 hours and 40 minutes. :o I KNOW,right? It was worth it because I had a blast watching it with my peeps.After watching the movie,around 3.oo o'clock.We went to the food court because Danny wanted to meet his friends.Some of them I recognise.Leya bought a slice of cake to celebrate my birthday and Danny's birthday too.Then,we jalan-jalan.ha ha,we went to chameleon and I bought them rings.on the house.We have the same rings.Comel kannn?.Zana couldn't decide to buy which ring so we asked the cashier.The Chinese woman said she like the dragon ring than the mouse ring. She said the mouse ring.Bak pepatah dia.'Yang mouse ring macam budak budak la.yang ini banyakk cantik'.Sumpah best! :).The next store is Vincci.OH MY GOD.I love their shoes.Nak beli tp takde duit.*sumpah gentle wa cakap lu* haha,ni dinamakan terikut dgn perangai orang.

Ha ha,I have one story to tell.I went to San Fransisco coffee to buy a frappucino for myself and my brother.Since he always bought me stuff,I thought I repay him.The staff at the San Fransisco coffee is the best.They are friendly and easy to get along.Zana was asking the cashier about is the spaghetti in the display section are real or not.The guy said it is real.She wouldn't believe.She thought it was plastic.Haha,it was so funny hearing them argue.I said to the other staff.'Dia tak percaya?Dia mmg macam ni' He laughed.I was waiting for my frap and Zana is still talking about THAT spaghetti.Ha ha,I remembered the guy pull out the spaghetti and show it to her.Zana insist on smelling it.Ha ha,finally my frap is ready and I ask the staff if they have any paperbag.I put some cinnamon and chocolate on top of my whipped cream.As we were leaving,we heard the guy and the other stuff said goodbye to us.Bangga jugak la because he only said goodbye to us.Aicehhh.Man,I kinda regret because we didn't take a picture with them.That would be so cool.Better luck next time.You never know,we might meet them again.



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