Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let it flow

This is what I look like watching the dumbledore death scene.

Nahh,not exactly like that.Man,Dwight has issues.I like how he lives in his own little world.Kinda sad but at least he's happy.Maybe.Haha.Hmm,crying.Everyone cries.Its normal thing to do but if you cry to careful with that because it could be serious.Depression and all that kind of stuff.In my opinion,crying is good.Crying is a sign of relief not weakness.Crying is also a satisfaction.Sometimes I laugh when I'm crying.Not because of the thought 'WTF am i crying about?' but because of everything is good now.everything is fine a.Like my previous post,thankful for everything i have now rather than keeping my feelings to myself.Tonight,I'm gonna watch The Notebook.I know I know another chick flick.Oh,don't forget to watch From G's to Gents channel MTV at 4 pm.I starting to like that reality show.Watch this clip.Poor macho.I dislike macho but now I kinda feel bad for him.Let it out.let it out. :D



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