Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon

Toy story! :D

Finally the day has finally come.I woke up around 8.00am and immediately got ready.I was really excited even my brother could see it.He said'Amboi,cepat bersiap.haha,mesti tak sabar kan?' Hell yeah,I was excited.I went to the reservation counter to collect my ticket.After that,I went to times to browse some books.I have particularly on my mind.Going to ask dad to buy it since I'm broke.Ha ha,the show starts at 11.30 am.I went to the toilet and my heart was beating really fast.I just can't wait for the movie.I can't believe its a been a year since I watch Twilight and how things has changed.How I've change.Thank god the audience are pretty decent.They laugh at appropriate time plus some of them made some jokes.It was pretty funny.There were some ohh's and ahh's but hey rob is hot so as Taylor.I got to admit.I'm really royal.Aiceh,Edward all the way.

I love the new director.He did really good.Twilight was a low budget film and the directing style is more indie.Its great to see new moon with different director.It looks more professional since their budgets is high.I'm really satisfied.I love Eric in the film so Mike Newton.Who can forget Mike Newton? Haha,thinking og him makes me laugh.The Volturi scene was my favourite.I love the fight scene between Edward and Felix.Pretty fucking awesome.There's too much I love about it.I love the way the camera moves when Bella was in depression.The november,December thingy.That really captures the moment when I read the book.Exactly what I was feeling about Bella and exactly How i imagine it.

My french manicure :)

After the movie ended.I said this 'Is that the ending?' Hahah,damn you Chris for making a cliffhanger.Although i already what happen in the next movie but I'm still excited.Marking my calendar for eclipse 30 June 2010.Then,I went for lunch at Carl's Junior.Yummy.Idid a little shopping.I bought some rings. :D I said this would be my birthday present.Haha,since my brother took care of the payment and all.I definitely going to watch new moon again and again.haha,I'm also excited for the New moon blu ray.The deleted scenes,the bloopers,the special features.everything.



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