Saturday, November 7, 2009

Youtubeee it

YouTube is my favourite website ever.I'm trying to imagine if there was no YouTube.then there will be no Shane,Eric,Mitchell,Alyssa and all other talented people.Not to mention I can't watch my favourite scene from a movie.I imagine it will be sad and my Saturday morning will be dull and boring.YouTube is a part of parcel in my life.
Speaking of YouTube.

I was just browsing YouTube and found this song called automatic by tokio hotel.I like some of their song eg.the monsoon.Let's talk about Bill Kaulitz hair.That is some hair his got there.I can't help but imagine how do hell does he sleep?.Probably it'll be uncomfortable.I search tokio hotel on wikipedia and found out that Bill Kaulitz is famous for his androgynous look.I was like 'What is androgynous?' I will tell you.A lot of people confused him as a girl.Pftt,even at first i thought he was a girl.He has a feminine feature in his face.He look kinda....sweet without the makeup.I think that's why at first glance people will thought he is a girl.

A lot of people are confused about his gender.Ask google.Haha.Oh,I forget to tell you what is androgynous.According to wikipedia,Angrogyne is s a person who does not fit cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of their society.Makes senses now?



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