Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Duper

I just bought a new strappy wedges and I'm in love with it.This baby goes to my shoe's collection.I'm obsess with shoes.I admit it.Ask my mum and dad.Heh,ask my brothers even.Every time,I walk past a shoe store my eyes can't stop looking at it.When I see the 5 inch heels,I'm in love.I just like looking at platforms shoes.I never buy them because its too high and I'm no celebrity.I don't need to go to a fancy function or anything.Boy oh boy,am i jealous when I see the celebs wearing it especially teen celebs.I still get to try them on at the store.I mean the heels so I'm pretty okay.ha ha,

I watched supernatural with dad late afternoon.Dad bought the box set.We even watch the paranormal activity.He is now in Langkawi but he'll be back tomorrow evening.I can't wait so we can continue watching supernatural.I'm still amazed how Jensen can be so hot and pretty at same time.I'm still amazed right now.

Ha ha,pigeon creek.

Last night,I watched Sweet home Alabama.Reese witherspoon is so adorable.I just realize that Patrick Dempsey is in that movie and so as Dakota Fanning. :O My favourite line from the movie would have to be :
Jake: Nobody finds their soul mate when they're ten. I mean, where's the fun in that, right?
I just love the way he express it,he sound disappointed and hope full which is sweet.Tonight,I'm going to watch meet the Robinson's.I love that movie!.I usually watch movies every night.I don't know why but I guess its because I love movies.I never get bored watching movies that I've have seen last year or even past few months.Of course,it will be boring because you know the ending .It depends on the movie or maybe its just me.Great,tomorrow is Monday.School.



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