Sunday, November 8, 2009

French Toast

This morning,I made french toast with cinnamon.I add a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup to make it more delicious. I actually like to cook.I love cooking spaghetti and macaroni.Italian food i guess.i love baking cupcakes.Unfortunately,I hate the part where you have the clean it up.That's my least favourite part.Don't even tell me about making the icing.Its feels sticky in your hand.Not to mention,hard to clean.You have to boil hot water.To tell you the truth,I actually like doing this kinda stuff.Its love and hate relationship.Ha ha.I haven't bake cupcakes for a long time,I miss it.I'm going to bake one dozen and give it to my good friends.

I'll probably start doing this when my second brother gets home.He is now in Perak.UTP,Tronoh.I guess the cupcake would be his welcome home present.This time I'm buying icing in a can at a near bakery store.I hope they still sell it.I'm gonna make a Twilight saga inspired cupcakes to lighten up the spirit.I hope I can do it because I only talk about doing it but not actually DOING get the point.



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