Friday, November 20, 2009



Ahh.I just really miss last Wednesday.I don't know why.Looking at the pictures really brought back memories.I miss everyone.I really had fun that day.I'm going to print some of the pictures and put it in my 'board to do list'.Oh,I'll put some of it in my wallet. :D Tomorrow,I'm gonna go to MPH with mummy and daddy.I need a seriously.I also want a buy a french manicure kit.I'm planning to do a pedicure by myself.Save some of money.

I dont why but I can't stop laughing looking this picture. :D

Here is the salad that i made.

What else did I do today.I made a salad today.I'm currently on a diet.Its not really working actually.After I ate the salad,I immediately went straight for the chicken chop.I can't believe 7 more days to new moon.I can't wait.I've been reading the reviews.I gotta say I'm pretty nervous.Some gave it a bad review,some people was disappointed and some said it was good.I'm just going watch it for what it is.It doesn't matter as long as I enjoy it. :)



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