Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

Words cannot even explain what I felt when I saw this.I just kept laughing over and over again.Rob in a mustache is probably the hottest thing I have ever seen.Remind me of Billy Burke all of the sudden.

Congratulations to Tom Felton for winning Best Villain.He definitely deserve it for portraying a villain that makes people hate him but also feel sympathy towards him.I did not think Tom could do the sad scenes in Half Blood Prince but he proved me wrong.

When I saw this,I kept rewinding it from the very first because I was so excited.The goose bump knows what I'm talking about.Why oh why it has to release on 18 November? It just isn't fair. :(


Farha Ghouse said...

Bad-ass cops hahaha ROTF that was hilarious! ^.^

Shazana Rashid said...

wush, yang apa Ron tu ckp mcm OUCH DUDEE

fatimah azzahrah said...

harry potter :( , waaaaaa , kita nak nangis , kita x tau mak kita kasi tengok ke x ? xkan la nk tggu SPM habis , nanti tgh buat paper , harry potter is going to be the only thing that's playing in my mind :(


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