Monday, June 28, 2010


According to Wikipedia,commercial is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization that conveys a message.As you may have noticed,commercials these days are rather flat,nonsense or just ridiculous.Not all of them,some of them are really good.The good ones stands out because of the message or even the music that used in the commercials .Music plays a important role on attracting the people.

The best commercial for the moment for me has got to be this.If you haven't seen it,watch it now.The Samsung 3D LED TV.The duration is only 1.11 minutes but it feels so magical.You kinda wish it was real and wish you were there.I think I talked about the Samsung 3D TV on the previous post.I can't remember what month it was.My dad is really excited about that TV .I would be so happy if he bought it.Well,let's just hope it comes true.Mom always gives a thumbs up for any new gadgets so I think it may just happen.Ha ha.

About the commercial,I first saw this commercial at the cinema.It was full length exactly like this one.I remember I felt such joy and happiness just bursting outside of me.From the moment,they set up the TV.People just walking through the street and glancing up above the blue sky.Just wondering what were they doing setting up the TV.Suddenly,you see a cat looking at the fish bowl.It looks so real,it is just amazing.Then,you have the monkey hanging up on tree.The popcorn just popping through the wall as if anything is possible in this life.The guy face expression when he sees what is actually happening in front of him.The whale swimming in the ocean looks like it was swimming in the lake.The butterflies flying freely hovering over the little kid.And the best of all,the waterfall.That was probably the climax.Ha ha,it was nice to see all the people gathering and trying to take a peek.Not to mention,the music that is playing through the commercial.It fits perfectly.I love discovering new music score.From movies soundtrack to commercials.Yeah,I think that commercial always brings a smile on my face. :)



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