Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day out

I went to Wangsa Walk again yesterday.My cousin who is now in UTM Puncak Alam came with her family to stay at my house for a night.About 5.45pm,we went to Wangsa Walk to go to the popular bookstore because she wanted to buy some test pad and was searching for STPM Physics book.I was kinda dissappointed because they were not many fiction books there.Unfortunately,the STPM books are not there so we went to Carrefour Mehraj Bookstore.I love Mehraj bookstore because they provide a lot of school books and revision books.As i was expected,the book that my cousin want was there.We went window shopping for a while and head home.That night we talked about a lot stuff boys and education and all kind of stuff.

As for my brother,he is now at Traders Hotel because Petronas has some activities for him.I went inside the Traders hotel with my mom to spend a bit of time with my brother before he went upstairs to his hotel room.I gotta say the Traders Hotel is pretty nice.I sat at the lobby and saw a lot of people checking in.Mainly tourists.Ahh,speaking of my brother.I finally can play The sims 3 on his computer,I haven't play the sims since last year and I miss it. :)



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