Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just got back from Ikea with my parents.Ikea is the best place to shop for furniture or basically anything that goes with it.Speaking of Ikea,how could I forget the scene from 500 days of summer?.I mean come on.It is the same as I'm eating a toblerone chocolate,I will always think of Joey(friends) because he wanted Emily's toblerone so bad that Emily insits on giving in to him for free.

My dad bought a new bed sheets for me and it is super pretty.It fits with my cherry red lights.I will definitely post pictures.Dad was even considering buying a new bookshelves for my room. Bookshelves+Books+Heels= ^-^ .There is this one bed frame that I fell in love.I could just imagine it my room.While my dad was at the lights section,I went with my mom to the kitchen section and the bedroom section.I am so envious every time I see the Ikea's bedroom.It just makes me want to buy a house and spend my money buying furniture from Ikea and live happily ever after.One day,if i get married.On the top of my list,I will buy my furniture there with my future husband.Thinking about this just makes my stomach fill with butterflies and I can't stop giggling. :)



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