Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i like the night. without the dark we'd never see the stars.

The thing that I like to do at night is see the moon and the stars.I don't why,I just find it very beautiful.Even though,the moon has its dark spots or as I called it "moon pimples".I know,it sounds kinda funny.There just something about the space that captures my attention.On Thursday,I have a tuition at 8pm until 10pm.While I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up,I will always look up the sky to see if there's any moon tonight.If I don't see it,I feel...empty.Counting stars used to be my favorite activity when I visit my grandparents house in Kedah.Kedah has a lot of stars in nighttime.In KL,not so much which is kinda disappointing.You can imagine how i feel when I see something sparkling in the sky.Very happy indeed.

On the other hand,I have some good news.The Life blu ray is finally here.I have already watched 6 episodes out of 8 episodes.All of the footage is truly astonishing.It is really beautiful.The thing that I love about this particular blu ray is that every time the episode ends,it will show Life-on location.I will get to see how the crew did all this amazing stuff and it may look simple but they faced a lot of challenges.I have a huge respect to the crew of the Life team for sacrificing their time in order to achieve the footage.

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