Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prince Of Persia

I bough a new nail polish.Blue Splash!

Last night,I had a great time.I went out with my brother to Wangsa Walk to see a movie.It was either Shrek 3 or Prince of Persia.Since it was my first time going to see the movie there,I was really ecstatic to see if this tgv cinemas is any good.Well,its not too shabby,the surround sound its definitely better than KLCC.That is why I don't like going to go to cinemas at KLCC or any tgv cinemas.I don't know I just don't feel satisfied.Golden Screen Cinemas will always be my favorite.Prince of Persia is great with action as for the romance scene it is pretty cheesy.Besides that,I really enjoy watching the movie. :D Actually,it was amazing.Ha ha,the funny thing is I bought a drink that is not from the tgv beverages,so I had no clue how to sneak in.I used my Chanel bag and it was pretty small.Anyhow,I did managed to put it in my bag.Thank god!.I went home around 11.32pm.I did a countdown with my brother to see how many minutes we will get home.I said 11.38pm and......I was right! Not bragging or anything but I'm really good with this stuff.Ha ha,I'm just kidding.I can't wait for our next movie session! :D

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