Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny with chance of happpiness

I just got back from my tuition account.I had a buckets of fun.Everybody was there.While we were waiting for the teacher to come,we took some pictures.I mean come on.Golden opportunity.Tomorrow is my last test,Accounts.A bit nervous but I'll try to do it the best I can.The tuition start at 2.30pm-4.45pm.While I was waiting for my dad,Epa and DJ were going to buy some snacks at the store.It was kinda sweet that Epa asked me to come along.I mean girls aren't best to be left alone.Anything can happen these days.It was kinda a sweet gesture.I thought I saw my dad's car so I didn't followed them.Turns out,it was the wrong car.Epa and Dj sat in front of the fountain and asked me to sit along.I ate some snacks with them since they were so generous.I just can't wait for the school holidays.I am so tired and I haven't got any sleep.Tomorrow is a very very happy day for me. :)



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