Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Wonders

I went out with my cousin.We went to KLCC to see a movie and visit the petrosains.Too bad we didn't book it,it was full.The only schedule available was at 4.00 pm.So no can do amigos because the movie starts at 2.00pm.I watched Lagenda Budak Setan.I'm just doing my part as Malaysian supporting Malays movies.Ha ha,the movie was okay but man it was depressing.The songs and the cinema photography is a two thumbs up.After the movie ended,we ate lunch at Subway.I ordered Chicken Teriyaki.One of my favorites.

All of a sudden,I was craving some cupcakes so I bought two cupcakes from a shop called byou.I'm not sure,one cupcake is about5 ringgit.Pretty expensive for freaking cupcake but it was worth it.The icing is just wow.Wow.We went back home at 4.30pm.We managed to do a bit of photoshoot at my room.Ha ha.


fatimah azzahrah said...

hey , bed sheet awk macam kita punya ! beli kat ikea eh ? macam sama je :p

Afifah said...

mmg kite beli kt ikea pun kite bwh ni kite ada cerita kite pegi ikea beli bed sheets ni :D


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