Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reading Materials

Currently reading:
Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

-Now I'm at page 25. :)
-Ha ha,still a long way to go.
-Ah,I Love Stardust. :)

There's like 5 more books i have to read.Gahh,I'm not complaining.I absolutely love to read.I find reading is fascinating.Its like your own imagination.You can imagine anything you want.ANYTHING.haha,so i guess now you know why i love to read so much.My favourite book is of course the twilight saga. :D I don't know why i love it so much.When i open the book,its just automatically I'm in the zone.You know,like when you watch a week its the new episode.I automatically continue just like that when i read.That is also the many reason why i love to read.Plus reading is not a waste of time.cehh,ha ha.

Now I'm practising on my piano.not actually a piano its an organ.ha ha,well I'm not that good so my mom bought me an organ for my birthday.I said to my mom' No need to buy the expensive one la.I'm not that good' ha ha.Now I cant stop playing Coldplay song the scientist.If you pay close attention to the lyrics.Its totally suitable for Edward perspective in new moon in my opinion.That's why i like to play it so much.Next song on my list to play is Sum 41-Pieces.Pieces is kinda like my song.Its explain most about can check out the lyrics.I know the lyrics are kinda you know.ha ha,but i don't know.I connect with song so its not my fault. ha ha,okay I'm off.I'm really busting my ass to finish all the books so see ya.



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