Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay,I was bored so i came up with a name,the title for this blog post which Crakekulusafiaaa.I don't know it sounded funny to me.ha ha.I went to jj with my mom to eat.damn i remember i was so hungry.after we ate,I went to MPH.ahhh,heaven of books.well you know what i mean even though at jj mph there's not a lot of books but books are still books.I only bought 3 manga's.Next,I went to big apple AGAIN.you know me,i have to a little bit caffeine.i know i know its bad for you but its taste SO good.I bought ice caramel latte.yum yum,still craving it now.damn you caffeine.After this,I will probably be reading stardust. :) wheeeee,so see ya!



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