Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh my Oh my

OMG,I opened the mailbox and i saw a package from i thought this must be my dad's dvds when he bought at was tearing the package apart and i was shocked that it was Indiana Jones the kingdom of the Krystal skulls BLU-RAY.I was jumping and screaming excitedly screamingly if that's even a word.oh my god,I've been waiting this blu-ray forever because you know blu ray kick DVDs butts when they won the most quality of pictures.Well,it is true because when i watch men in black Blu ray,it felt like the creatures were coming out of the tv.seriously the picture quality from scale of 1 to 10.i think i probably give it a 100.ha ha,I can't watch it yet because i'm gonna wait for my brother. :)

I think i wanna watch scooby doo the movie now.ha ha,so see ya!.



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