Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today,I went to summit usj with my parents.Hee,it was fun.I asked my mom that i wanted to buy new shoes.ha ha,my mom said 'kasut dh x muat dh dlm almari tu.' ha ha,mummy mummy.haha.Then,my mom and I went browsing shoes on the first floor and the second floor while my father went to the DVD store.hmmpph,men.ha ha.Unfortunately,I didn't find the PERFECT shoe that i want but i do saw this really nice gladiators wedges.They're hot but I didn't buy it because the wedges were to high.I can't really wear high heels,i mean i can but depends.ha ha.I'm already tall and I'm 5'7 :D.After browsing and browsing,we ate at the garden cafe.The fish and chips were delicious so as the cappuccino blended.

Dad bought 3 box set of go,dad!.ha ha,he bought season five Grey's anatomy,House season 4 and Ugly Betty season 2.This is why dad rocks.He know exactly what i want.Oh,yeah i went to Mph to check out the new arrivals on fiction and i saw the novel that i really want to buy which is the gift by Cecilia ahern.The price is RM79.90.Maybe i buy it at Kunokuniya.I saw this really cute bookmark and i bought it. :) ha ha.

Then,we went home.ha ha,while we were walking to get into the car,my parents missed the car and they went further away from was so funny.I was like, 'Mom ,dad.The car is here.' ha ha,we laugh our ass off.I listen to my mp3 on our way home.I played the song I caught myself.I was lip singing on the back seat.ha ha,that song is also addicting like decode.oh oh,i bought gummy bears candy. ha ha,



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