Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rise and shine,twilighter

Good morning,people.

I couldn't sleep last night.i don't know why.I was watching Mrs doubtfire and it was pretty funny.Then,when i wanted to go to sleep,i just can't.arghh,i was frustrated so i thought lets read a book.So i read.Actually not a book.I read Manga instead.ha ha,and it got really interesting so i finished one Manga that night.i thought i was just gonna read one story.ha ha,

Now,I'm really looking forward for my brother from Perak coming back home.I miss him :(.Apparently,he has the final exam this week.Good luck,my brother! ;) ha ha,he said he'll be back home on 25 November and I might add the SMS message that i got from him.'sempat la tgk twilight.' ha ha,its like my whole family knows that i am obsess with twilight.One time,when i was watching the new trailer(ah,those happy day) i was hyperventilating in front of the screen and i was just excited and shocked.So my dad was like 'whats going on whats going on' and i was pointing at the dad was like 'humph,twilight'.ha ha,i love my family. :D.okay,I'm out.I haven't breakfast yet.yeah yeah,i know its late.



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