Monday, November 17, 2008

The Holiday

I frigging love this movie!

Ah,the holiday movie was awesome.I watched this movie a gazillion time but what the hell,a really good movie can make you do crazy thing.ha ha,i love the holiday movie mainly because of the plot and really great music.I really fell in love with all of the characters as they were real.I know! they weren't even real they were just acting but i don't know it felt real to me.When they were crying,I cry.When they were happy,so am you get the point.

The story is very touching and romantic.It has a little comedy in it which I LOVE.ha ha,I cried a lot when i watch the holiday movie especially the part where Iris(Kate Winslet) was taking her good old friend Arthur Abbott to tribute party to him.Arthur is actually a very famous writer during the old times,he was now an elderly and retired.So a lot of people was writing a letter to him saying that they want to do a tribute to him but he doesn't believe it and thinking if they did it probably only a few would show up.And then,came along Iris who helped him get in shape and be prepare for the tribute party and also talking to him about replying the letter about the tribute party.Ah,this is the part where i cried like a baby.ha ha,he asked Iris to be his date and when he arrived the guy ask him "we are ready for you'.The guy opened the door and Arthur could not believe they were a lot of people showed up.All the people applause to him as he walk through the stage. :'( He was really overwhelmed.

I love this scene.

A lot of people showed up

Another story was between Amanda(Cameron diaz) and Graham(Jude law).Ahh,I really fell in love with them too.ha ha,I cry like a baby AGAIN when Amanda was leaving England to back to her place,they say goodbye and was pretty sad.Amanda have not cried since she was 15 because when she was 15 her parents split up and she always cries herself to sleep until she realised she has toughen up and she did.She never cried since.Until,when she was leaving Graham,she was in the car on the way to the airport,She was really sad and then for the first time she finally cried.Ahh,i cried too.hahaha,so yeah its a really beautiful scene and i found the video of it on YouTube. :) I recommend you guys watch this movie.seriously go watch in now!.I don't care if you have to rent it or buy it or have to watch it. ;D

Aww, :'(



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