Sunday, November 9, 2008

I won't bite you

Hello,i was i thought blogging will help.tomorrow,I'm not going to school.too lazy these past few days.Mummy got a hamper today.wheeee,there's lot of chocolate and cookies in there.I'm definitely the one who will be eating it all.ha ha,movie night for today i really don't know.i think i already watch all the DVDs in my home.maybe I'll watch Big fish or Madagascar or Toys story or August Rush or The lake house.ha ha,I watched Korean movie last week,My little bride.Aw,such a sweet love story.I loveeeee it. :D .

My little bride
A first year high school student Boeun is forced to marry, a close member of her family but who is not blood related. Her husband to be sangmin is an older college student who is on the verge of graduating. Secretly in love with his new bride, a constant teasing, brings humour to this excellent romantic comedy. However everything isn't fine and dandy, as Boeun is not sure, whether she likes her husband or high school boyfriend . But everything seems to change when her husband comes to work at her high school! A thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy, one of the best Ive ever seen! sweet and funny, far from original. :)



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