Friday, November 7, 2008

Hayley Nichole Williams.

Argh,she's pretty.I love her hair!

Hayley Nichole Williams.I absolutely love her.I mean come on she's got the voice,the look and plus she's cute.I've first heard of paramore in 2004 but at that time they weren't so famous but in 2007 they're single misery business was busting in all radio stations.First heard of misery business totally digging it.I mean the song is about a girl who is just gets away from anything so i can relate to that song in some of my friends or ex friends.i don't know.ha ha.I also love Hayley's style.Although she kinda looks a little bit tomboyish but she's not.She wears dresses and cute pink tops.On the other hand,we have like the same pants.the red pants!.yeah!At the Vma's i saw her wearing yellow skinny pants and i told myself i have to have it.Forget to mention about her AWESOME hair colour and hair styles!.I want her hair!I want her hair!.

Any colour looks great on her.

The decode music video.Again her hair is awesome.

When I found out Hayley's also enjoys reading twilight i was like yeah!.She also wrote the song decode especially for the film adaption of twilight.That even made me more excited.I heard the song decode on YouTube really bad quality because the single was not release yet.The song is kinda addicting because i can't get it out of my head.seriusly.every fricking day i sing that song every fricking day my phone rings, its that song.ha ha.

Hayley Williams from Paramore is a huge Twilight fan and recently talked about her love of the books and the song's title:

Here's the quote from Hayley,

Twilight is the first series of books I've ever read. I didn't get into the Harry Potter series even though I love the movies. Twilight really caught my attention and held it. I'm really excited to see the book adapted to film and excited that our band gets to be a part of the phenomenon. I chose the title "Decode" because the song is about the building tension, awkwardness, anger and confusion between Bella and Edward. Bella's is the only mind Edward can't read and I feel like that's a big part of the first book and one of the obstacles for them to overcome. It's one added tension that makes the story even better.

Cute top Hayley. ;)

Ah,I love her

Ain't she's cute?



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