Friday, November 14, 2008

Ha ha

I slept really late last night due to my stubbornness(ha ha).I can't stop watching whose line is it anyway? i download the episode,i really don't know what season i download.i just download whatever i can i was watching in my room and i was laughing like crazy and i try to keep it down but sometimes i just can't control it.I love this guys on whose line is it anyway their genuinely funny.I think their genius.ha ha,well because they have to think some funny jokes or quotes on the spot which i find very hard to do so kudos to them.I was watching this episode and they have a special guest.The usual cast are Wayne,Ryan and Colin.The special guest was Jeff Davis,when i first saw i was like damn he's hot.I kept watching him all the time ha ha and I'm really looking forward for him to make me laugh and he did. :).He has the most wonderful smile and pretty nice jaw line but Rob's one are hotter.ha ha,but unfortunately he's 35 years old .I'm 15.which means when i was 1 years old he was 20 years old.WOW.ha ha,never mind.I still like to watch him in whose line is it anyway? :)

:Sorry about the bad quality pictures.I can't find any pictures other than these. :(

Aww,he looks cute.


Roarr! ha ha


Yum yum.ha ha



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