Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brighter and Happier

I was logging on my space and just surfing the Internet hopefully finding some news about twilight.ha ha.then,my brother he was watching the TV and he switched the channel from star movies to star world.Jimmy kimmel live was on.I love watching jimmy kimmel,its brighten up my day.ha ha,mainly because some of the interview are so funny and sometimes i kept tuning to see who's performing.At one time i saw metro station performing on jimmy kimmel.i was excited because my man,mason was there.Although I didn't like the hairstyle but whatever he's still hot.Oh,look i got carried away.I was supposed to be talking about what i watch today on jimmy kimmel not last last last month.ha ha,today,T.I was the guest on jimmy kimmel .Before he perform ,he was interviewed by jimmy.He was very funny handling all the question that jimmy asked , you know about T.I getting arrested because possession of illegally machine guns.Yeah,he was also kinda charming.There's the part when T.I was reaching in his pocket to give something to jimmy and and jimmy and Sarah silverman puts their hands up in the air.ha ha,it was so funny because they thought T.I was going to shoot them.Here's the video :)



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