Friday, November 7, 2008

My Brand Of Heroin

I don't know what to blog about so i thought i blog about Robert love or my brand of heroin.ha ha.ahh,i don't know there's just something about him that appeal to me.He's undeniably gorgeous.He's like the perfect guy in my opinion.He's very modest and down to earth.Although he's kinda shy when people interview him.I find it very cute and adorable.Some people find it that he needs to practice this yada yada yadah.ha ha,I would not change anything.He's perfect the way he is now.I dont care if he looks awkward of whatever.i dont care.he's just Robert Pattinson.Take it or leave it.cehh.

Here is 5(actually there's more but maybe another blog post) reason why i love about Robert Pattinson

The jaw line

Oh my god,look at the jaw line.It makes you wanna go there and touch it.ha ha.

The hair

Ha ha,rob facial expression cracks me up.The famous hair.some people call it the *** hair.I dont know why and i dont wanna know why.

The eyes

Ahh,those dreamy and dazzling eyes.

The body

Need I say more?

His sense of style


He may not be the most fashionable guys out there but I love it. Rob is the kinda guy who just wears anything he wants.I respect that.

*Hyperventilating again

Ha ha,I love the shoes.

And that's why i love about Robert Pattinson. ;)



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