Thursday, November 27, 2008


Twilight was awesome.fullstop.haha

I woke up around 10.oo then terus took a shower.i was hyperventilating in the shower sbb terlalu la excited sgt.My dad order the ticket eventhough i yg plg lambat order.haha,semua ckp fifah order cpt nnt abis.and diorg ckp sesetengah dh abis and i was like noooooo.hahaha,but somehow my dad managed to get the tickets.yay! this is why my dad rocks! haha,the seat was pretty good. :D

Pegi pavi to see the movie.OMG! x sabar gile movie nk start my cousin sebelah mcm oh god rilek2 breathe2.haha,oh yeah waktu tgk movie agak spoil skit la because there's this chinese group kot or sapa tah dok jerit2 dok tepuk2.I know sume EXCITED but please la the movie is for everybody bukan korang sorang je.haha,this girl duduk sebelah I ckp kt semua org yg bising2 shushhhhh! haha,i salute kot kt die.HAHA,and this guy kt belakang seat ckp shut up laa.whaha,lagi i suka.i pusing belakang terus senyum kt die.hahaha, :D he was kinda cute.omg,but seriously i puas hati sgt ngan twilight eventhough byk tukar but its still good.nk tgk lagi maybe this week kot.haha,can't wait.Oh,i suka gila the baseball scene.ahh,rob was hot as always.The kissing part to i bengang! that was like the scene yg i tunggu2 but tgk potong.mana x sakit hati.The prom scene was so cute. :)I love everything about it.



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