Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Haha,walaupun x de kne mengena ngan post ni but ske gambar ni. :D

You'll probably saying what's up with this girl? stardust this stardust that.haih,ha ha

okay okay,stardust is story about Tristran thorn becomes a man.cehh.Dunstan thorn,his father.Dunstan Thorn attends the fairy market in the meadow, where he seeks a gift for his sweetheart, Daisy. He eventually settles on a crystal snowdrop, but becomes unexpectedly infatuated with the slave of the witch who owns the stall. They meet in a secluded part of the meadow and make love. Dunstan marries Daisy the following June. Several months after their wedding, a basket containing an infant boy is left at the wall, along with a scrap of parchment, on which is written "Tristran Thorn", who is evidently the faerie slave's son by Dunstan. Tristran is raised by his father and stepmother, ignorant of his true heritage until the end of the book. Seventeen years later, Tristran promises to bring the beautiful Victoria Forester a fallen star in exchange for her hand in marriage. She agrees to this, and he crosses the Wall into Faerie to find the star. He there discovers that the star is an anthropomorphic being, who is most displeased to accompany him to Wall, and that there are others who also covet the star for their own reasons. Tristran and the star, called Yvaine, travel across Faerie, evading numerous attempts to capture Yvaine, and setting off a chain of events which lead to some surprising revelations, and cause Tristran to question whether he really wants what he set out to achieve. At the end of the book, he finds himself forsaken by Victoria (though his infatuation had subsided greatly by that point), and instead chooses to marry Yvaine, with whom he had fallen in love on their journey. His heritage, and that of his mother, who is the daughter of the Lord of Stormhold (a Faerie nobleman), are revealed thereafter. After several years of exploring Faerie with his wife, Tristran accepts his inheritance as ruler of Stormhold. Yvaine becomes his queen, and rules the land after his death. Best knn? heeee,



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