Monday, December 1, 2008


Yesterday was pretty fun.My cousin and I plus my mom went to Giant to buy school clothes for my younger cousin.While we were shopping i found this shoe shop actually not a shoe shop more like a flip flop.ha ha,I saw these cute teddy bear flip flops seriously they look like teddy bear.I didn't take a picture yet.If i do I'll post it. :D

You guess it.I bought the flip flop.ha ha,then we went to giant and bought seluar tidur.I bought corak cherry.comel gila.ha ha,when i got home i told my younger cousin that i bought the seluar.ok,here it goes.this is the exact quote.

fifah:tgk ni tgk ni.seluar cherryyyy.(agak panjang i ckp ryy tu)
ijan:seluar cherryyy.hahah
fifah:tahu ah jeles. :P
fifah:dh ah nk main comp
ijan:cherryy hahah cherrry

Ha ha,bengong kn?

Today maybe two more of my cousin come here because there parents are in mecca.Oh,i have plan everything what we are going to do.ha ha,
First:Watch Twilight movie with them.haha,kne tgk lagi sekali.haha and second not sure yet maybe go to a theme park or something.anything will do for me. :)

Okay,gtg.I haven't eaten breakfast yet so see ya



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