Friday, December 26, 2008

The Chronicles

Looking good

Just finished watching The chronicles of Narnia-prince Caspian.Last night,I watched the lion,the witch and the wardrobe.I just love watching this kind of movies and of course i cried.The part where the other narnians were trapped.Gahh,I always cry even in the first one where the battle scene.I have a little crush on William Moseley and Ben Barnes.There definitely on my 10 top list but Rob is still number one.That's why he deserve to be a theme in my hand phone so that I woke up-smiling to see his face. :)


There's a rumor going around that maybe they have to replace Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.I don't understand why.even though i hate Jacob but Taylor is a sweet guy and he's looking forward to play his part in new moon.They maybe replace him with Michael Copon.There's also another rumour going on about Ben Barnes considered to play Aro.In my point of view,he's too young.I imagine Aro a little older.It just a rumour probably not true so we just have to wait and see.



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