Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ah,I miss kedah so much.The food especially. :D

Just finish video call at msn with my cousin syed,or we call him abg chaq.ha ha,
All of my cousin were there.The one who stayed at my house.I miss them.It was so funny chatting with him and goofing around the web cam.He plays the guitar.He was playing at singing at the same time.Ha ha,so i joined with him.I even showed him my piano skills.I played Bella's lullaby(Of course) and Coldplay song The Scientist.We sang Butterfinger's songs.Damn they're good.ha ha,we sang many songs la.ha ha,i was dancing a little bit.Oh,I even wore my vampire teeth.I had a great time.He was always teasing my hair because last time my hair was really damaged.I got it fixed.(biar la! dh ok dh la skarang) hehe,

Good thing for him to video call .I'm feeling more happy. :D
This Friday,I'm going to Langkawi baby.I can't wait!.
On the other hand,I'm now reading Nick & Norah infinite play list.I'm on page 13.Still long way to go.
Ahh,I love reading. :)



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