Saturday, December 27, 2008


I remember last year, 27 November 2007.

I went out with my cousin.We wanted to see a movie and we have no idea what to watch.I don't remember what movie we're supposed to watch but suddenly my cousin said 'Hey,what movie is that? Seems interesting'.I turned and saw the movie poster and it was stardust.I was surprised because it seems like a good movie so i thought what the hell.I enter the movie theatre not expecting anything but when I watch the movie I was drop dead amazed.It was practically the best movie of that year.I kept talking to people about the movie.I still have the movie tickets in my wallet. :)

I was waiting for the DVD release.When I bought it,I watch it a million times.I remembered when i got back from school-I don't know what to do or just plain bored.I watched stardust.I think if i counted how much i watched stardust-impossible.I lost my count.There's definitely plenty of movie that i like to watch over and over again like Big Fish.Big fish is amazing.The ending is just perfect and it made me cried.It such a wonderful story directed by the amazing Tim Burton.The holiday is also amazing.I'm a totally a movie maniac.Tommorow,I'm going with my parents and my brother to Kuala Terengganu.I want some keropok lekor.Is my spelling right? ha ha,



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