Friday, December 12, 2008

Valuable Lesson

I could not sleep last night.I don't know why.Maybe I'm thinking to much.Usually when I'm travelling to somewhere or whatever that has to do with going someplace far.I could not sleep.Its not that I'm excited.I really don't know.Maybe i have insomnia problem.Don't worry about me,this things will past eventually.It does really.

Last night,I slept around 5 am.I woke up 6:30am to pray and immediately got ready to go to Langkawi.I already packed my stuff except for my contact lenses stuff because I cant packed it yet because I'm still using it today.After,I put on my contact lenses-My parents,my brother(2nd) and I went straight ahead to our car to start our journey.cehhh.HAHA,I couldn't sleep in the car.I don't know why.I'm just not sleepy which is weird because I slept for like 1 hour 30 minutes only.I have issues.Ha ha,I'm totally gonna get those black bumpy red eyes.I'll use my concealer then.Case solved.

Moving on,we went to the ferry station in Kuala Perlis.Dad bought the tickets and I got a seat near the window so i can see the waves of the ocean.Its really amazing mother nature.I was breathless for a moment to see the ocean was sorta in green blue colour.Of course in a beautiful way.He he,took some pictures with my parents and my brother.Then,I saw a blind man guided by a little kid taking him to his seat.I'm pretty sure it was his son or grandson.The point is I felt pity for him.It made me realise how pathetic I am wasting my time looking things with my own eyes.I should embrace it by looking things that are you know worth looking at.As this blind man could not see a thing.That made me realised how grateful I am to Allah that I was born and still in a healthy and perfect condition.Alhamdullilah.I prayed for the blind man that he'll be all right.Tick tock tick tock,Langkawi has arrived.My parents and also my brother were seating at the same line as I am so we waited for other people to go abort especially the blind man.When he walks past my dad ,I can see his face.It touched my heart.Watching as the blind man walking away with his son/grandson made me feel i don't know i guess sad.Seeing this blind man makes me think that I'm not trying hard enough to live so I learn a valuable lesson that day is not taking things for granted.Using it as wisely as i can.



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