Thursday, December 18, 2008



I slept really late last night.I mean really really late.I slept at 5:30 am.Ha ha,I know i know.I was watching ugly Betty season 3 and I just finished watching how i met your mother season 3 finale episode.OMG!,I am seriously in love with this show.I love it so much.Moving on,Mom woke me up around 9:30 am which means I only got 4 hours of sleep.Mom wanted to go to the new Jaya Jusco in Setiawangsa so I thought i wanna come too.He he,so yeah I took a shower and got ready.

My mom and I went window shopping just to survey whats new in this jusco so it was pretty fun.Mom wanted to buy some towels so I quickly ran to the coffee section to buy serbuk cappuccino.My brother and I decided to make our own ice blended.Then,we went to the food court.I ate nasi paprik.After that,I saw a shop that literally makes my eye pop wide open(no lah,he he).It was Starbucks.I got in the shop and a girl ask me what would I like.Okay so here's the conversation.



Girl:Nk air apa?

Me:Hmm,let see nk chocolate cream chip


Me:Venti yg besar

Girl;Ok,whip cream?

Me:Nk nk.

Girl:Chocolate cream chip satu.

Then a guy dtg.Lets call him 'guy'.OK so he suddenly comes in and ask me and ignore the girl.It was kinda funny.Although he knows my order.

Guy:Chocolate cream chip?
Guy:whip cream?
Me:Nk(sambil mengangkuk2)
Guy:Size venti kn?(sambil menanda di bekas)

I saw Subway so I went with my mom and ordered a delicious subway sandwich.Yummy!.Then,I went back to Starbucks and saw that my drinks dh ada.So i grab the drink and the guy cakap

Guy:here you go,thank you.
Me:Thank you :)
Guy:What's your name?

(Ok i dgr tp kurang jelas so i thought die ckp ngan org lain so I ignore je.HA HA,so i grab the straw and on my out)

Guy:byeee! *smiling

Seriously,he was kinda adorable when he smiled. :)



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